Lithium Six

Compact high power lasers emitting high quality femtosecond pulses

Lithium Six is a family of high-power lasers emitting femtosecond pulses. They are very compact and they embed laser head and controller in only one box. The solid-state technology guarantees low noise and soliton pulses with unbeatable spatial and temporal quality. The emitted pulses are transform-limited and short femtosecond pulses are delivered to the sample without the need of a pre-chirper. Lithium Six is available in two versions: with central wavelength in the near-IR region (Lithium Six 1050) and in the green one (Lithium Six 525). Each version offers several fixed wavelengths and repetition rates to meet the requirements of many applications in biophotonics, material processing and non-linear optics. All models can be fitted with AOM for fast power control.

Features and benefits

      • Ultra-short pulses: transform-limited pulses with a duration of < 200 fs
      • Temporally and spatially clean pulses: pulses with no pedestals and Gaussian spectral intensity profile with no Kelly sidebands nor dispersive waves
      • Ultra-low noise: in a typical relative intensity noise (RIN) measurement a shot noise level of -150 dBc/Hz is reached above 1 MHz
      • High average power: from 3 to 7 Watt for Lithium Six 1050 and from 1.5 to 3.5 Watt for Lithium Six 525
      • Extreme stability: unbeatable peak-to-peak intensity stability and exceptional long-term average power stability (RMS noise < 0.1 %)
      • Industrial grade robustness: all our lasers are subjected to harsh environmental and mechanical stress tests
      • Turn-key operation: warm up time of less than 15 minutes to reach a perfectly stable power


Biophotonics and life science

  • Multiphoton microscopy
  • B-CARS microspetroscopy

Non-linear optics

  • Supercontinuum generation
  • Seeding of amplifiers
  • Harmonic generation
  • B-CARS microspectroscopy
  • Spatial and temporal focusing

Material processing

  • Femtosecond lithography
  • Twophoton polymerization

Lithium Six laser systems deliver high quality pulses and high peak powers at a breakthrough price.

We offer an unbeatable quality/price ratio and we would be pleased to make you a customized offer.