At Lithium Lasers all laser systems are based on a unique opto-mechanical platform designed for high power ultra-short pulses.

This platform adapts to different laser systems and is capable of generating specific cutting-edge performances with a lean and robust laser architecture.

Thanks to the optomechanical platform our laser systems exhibit outstanding performances and features

Ultra-low noise

Our opto-mechanical platform based on the solid-state technology ensures ultra-low intensity noise.

Perfect pulses

Our lasers emit ultra-short soliton pulses with perfect spatial beam properties (TEM00) even at very high-power levels and complete absence of satellite pulses ensuring high peak intensity.

Extreme beam pointing stability

For all 24/7 micro-nano scale resolution production lines we provide extreme beam pointing stability to reach the right target at every single laser shot.

High frequency burst technology

Based on our optomechanical platform, we are developing a compact laser system able to emit bursts containing up to 1000 high frequency pulses so as to ensure higher speed of ultra-precise manufacturing processes.

Industrial grade robustness

The platform has been designed to provide reliable systems with long lasting performances to the industry. All our lasers are subjected to harsh environmental and mechanical stress tests.

Small footprint

The platform has been designed to achieve innovative performances through a lean architecture avoiding more complex optical solutions. All our systems are very compact with all the electronics embedded.

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