More power.
More performance.

Our Lasers are carefully designed to combine industrial grade robustness with state of the art performances. Thanks to our innovative opto-mechanical platform we dramatically increase the laser performances without compromising on its life span.

With Lithium Lasers

you will have only benefits

Innovative Technology

We provide state of the art performances with smallest footprint and unbeatable robustness.

Easy to use

Simple to use: all you need is a power plug and a USB cable.

Turn-key operation (no warm up time)

Turn key operation: once the system is connected it takes less than 20 seconds to turn the emission on.

Compact and powerful (1W/kg)

We can offer the first system on the market delivering more than 1 W per Kg.

The only one who bends over backwards

We can deliver three ultrafast lasers in one with our triple wavelength femtosecond oscillator.

Perfect gaussian beam

Our proprietary platform ensures perfect spatial beam properties (TEM00) even at very high power levels.

Extreme beam pointing stability

For all 24/7 micro-nano scale resolution production lines we provide extreme beam pointing stability to reach the right target at every single laser shot.

Lightness and robustness

Very robust: all our products are carefully designed to survive harsh environmental and mechanical stress tests.

Lithium Lasers delivers real industrial grade ultrafast lasers for research and industry.

We implement the next generation ultrafast laser technology to get high performances, maximum compactness and sturdiness and extreme ease of use.

With Lithium Lasers you will get accurate results and detailed measurements. It brings quality, precision and versatility to your application.

The 35% of the global industry involves lasers in the production cycle and this number is expected to grow thanks to the industry 4.0 and the growing demand for high-tech devices. Lasers are used for a variety of industrial processes such as marking, engraving, micro/nano structuring bulk processing and many more.

Productivity, quality and flexibility are therefore essential features in this new industrial era characterized by the automatization of 24/7 production chains.

Our product offers higher ease of use, versatility and robustness compared to others.

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