LithiumSix912 is the first triple wavelength high power femtosecond laser on the market. Three ultrafast lasers in one! The laser scheme is very simple: our high power femtosecond oscillator is combined and integrated with a non linear medium where the single input wavelength is converted into several output wavelengths (between 900 and 1200 nm). These wavelengths are spatially overlapped (possibility to have them separated upon request) and they can also be used simultaneously. With LithiumSix912 you will have a cutting edge tool to increase your imaging capabilities in multiphoton microscopy.

Features and Benefits

First ultrafast laser on the market combining three lasers in one
Easy to use
Compact footprint


Multiphoton microscopy

Understanding how brain works is one of the most exciting goals for the next decades. Ultrafast lasers became an indispensible tool to achieve this goal and nowadays they are widely used in the so called Multiphoton Microscopy (MPM). Compared to fluorescence microscopy, MPM allows for imaging of living cells at an unprecedented depth and precision. This because the fluorescence excitation is driven by two-three photon absorption which is a threshold phenomenon occurring only where the optical intensity is high enough to trigger the non-linear absorption. In this way, excitation only occurs at the focal point of the laser beam leading to extremely high resolution and signal to noise ratio. Moreover, by using near infrared ultrafast lasers, the scattering phenomena are strongly reduced and imaging of deep tissue layers is made possible. The more advanced MPM techniques are enhanced by our LithiumSix912, the first ultrafast laser on the market combining three different output wavelengths with ultra-short pulse trains in only one device. With LithiumSix912 you will be able to excite three different cromophores at a time and increase your imaging capabilities.

DFG/OPA pumping

Some non linear optical processes use at least two photons with different energies to create a third one having energy equal to the sum or to the difference of the incoming photons. In order to perform the experiment it is then mandatory to have at least two lasers with different output wavelengths. Moreover, a high peak power is suitable to enhance the non linear conversion efficiency. LithiumSix912, our powerful triple wavelength laser, represents an amazing candidate for this application because it combines three different ultrafast lasers having three different output wavelengths in one device. Each output delivers 100 fs long pulses with high peak powers (>100 KW) making it a versatile and efficient device for a variety of non linear optical applications.

Non linear optics

Non linear optical processes take advantage from very high optical peak powers. In order to achieve efficient non linear interaction, very short pulses (100 fs) together with high average powers are required. LithiumSix1050, LithiumSix525 and LithiumSix912, our cutting edge ultrafast oscillators, are the good choice to improve your experimental capabilities in non linear optics.

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