LithiumSix525 is our solid state frequency doubled femtosecond green laser specifically design for ultra-precise manufacturing applications. LithiumSix525 is a compact laser that emits very short pulses (< 150 fs) with high average powers up to 5 Watt. The extreme peak to peak power stability, the excellent beam pointing steadiness and the long-term power stability of LithiumSix525 allows to achieve high accuracy and reliability in microfabrication processes. Moreover, the high average power ensures the operation of several parallel manufacturing platforms contributing to the optimization of the production costs. Our LithiumSix525 is the right choice for scientific and industrial projects that aim to push the resolution well beyond the diffraction limit challenging the state-of-the-art in micromachining field.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-stable peak to peak power level
Unbeatable beam pointing stability
Improved long-term power stability
High average power with ultrashort pulse duration
Easy to use and compact footprint


Femtosecond Laser Lithography

Ultrafast lasers allow to deliver optical energy with unprecedented precision. It is not surprising that ultrafast optical pulses have revolutionized microfabrication technologies. Nowadays, nearly arbitrary shaped two-dimension (2D) and three-dimension (3D) structures with sub-micrometer size can be produced by direct photofabrication techniques using femtosecond lasers. A perfect example is femtosecond lithography where an ultrafast laser system is used for direct scribing on the material or to impress a photosensitive mask. The accuracy of femtosecond lithography processes benefits from the stability of the laser source used. Thanks to its extreme operational stability, LithiumSix525, our green femtosecond oscillator, helps to increase the production efficiency and precision. Moreover, the high average power (> 5W) allows parallel operation of many platforms with one single laser resulting in a massive decrease of the production costs.

Two-Photon Polymerization

Fabrication of three-dimensional (3D) micro/nanostructures is required for a variety of applications in the field of micro optics, electronics, telecommunications, biomedicine, microfluidic devices, MEMS, metamaterials. Two-photon polymerization is a photochemical technology that enables to realize the manufacturing of 3D micro/nanostructures with feature sizes beyond the diffraction limit. Ultrafast lasers pulses are focused into the volume of photosensitive materials to trigger the two-photon polymerization process. During the complex manufacturing process of 3D micro/nanostructures, appropriate stability of the laser output is required to achieve high resolution and faithful replication of matter structures. Moreover, the resolution is directly proportional to the wavelength of the excitation and 525 nm is a suitable wavelength to achieve sub-100 nm feature sizes. Our green femtosecond laser, LithiumSix525, guarantees ultra-stable peak to peak power level, unbeatable beam pointing stability and improved long-term power stability. Thanks to these features, LithiumSix525 represents the right choice for scientific and industrial projects that aim to push the accuracy and the efficiency of 3D micro/nanostructures manufacturing processes.

Harmonic Generation

In harmonic generation, two input photons of a given energy, passing through a nonlinear crystal, are converted into a single output photon having two times the energy of each input photon. In order to be efficient, this conversion process requires high optical intensities. LithiumSix1050 and LithiumSix525, thanks to the emission of pulses with ultrashort time duration and high peak powers, are the right choice for scientific projects that aim to reach high optical intensity and efficient harmonic generation.

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