LithiumSeven is our ultrafast amplifier based on a novel optical amplification scheme leading to extreme performances. The LithiumSeven1030 delivers pulses with energy higher than 80 μJ (at 1 MHz repetition rate) and pulse duration below 300 fs. It represents the next generation ultrafast amplifier combining stable 24/7 operation, compactness, ease of use, and performances. It is the perfect tool for many micro-machining and biomedical application.

Features and Benefits

Unbeatable robustness
Compact footprint
24/7 turn-key operation
Ultra high power/size ratio



Lasers are unbeatable at machining of almost every material but you have to find the most suitable one for each application. If ultra-high precision is what you are looking for you have to go for the ultrafast technology. Ultrafast pulses are so successful in precision machining because they remove the material through a non linear absorption process. Moreover, by carefully adjusting the pulse repetition rate on the application it is possible to avoid heat accumulation on the target leading to the so called “Cold Ablation” where the material is removed with no heat production. In this way no micro-cracks nor thermal stresses are transmitted to the machined area and the final result is amazing. LithiumSeven1030 and LithiumSeven1050 are a family of ultrafast amplifiers based on a novel amplification technique leading to optimized performances and reliability. Pulses as short as 100 fs and energy up to 80 μJ are the key factors to increase your precision and productivity. The LithiumSeven product line will be the workhorse for your 24/7 high precision production lines.


Ultrafast lasers are nowadays widely used in medicine because of their fantastic properties. As for all materials, ultrafast pulses can successfully remove and modify biological tissues at unprecedented precision and that is why they are widely employed for ophthalmology purposes. In order to keep a high level of patient safety and comfort, medical applications require high reliability standards. Our LithiumSeven1030 and LithiumSeven1050 are cutting edge tools providing superior reliability and performances helping the doctor being more safe and precise in his daily medical practice.

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